Film Set Funny Acronyms and Slang Terms

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Film Set Funny Acronyms and Slang Terms

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While film sets can be serious places, it’s not uncommon for crew members to use a little bit of humor to lighten the mood. Here are some funny acronyms and slang terms that you might encounter on a film set:

1. A.D.D.: Assistant director’s disease. This term is used to describe the tendency of
assistant directors to constantly change their minds or give conflicting
2. Crafty: Craft services. Craft services is the department responsible for providing
food and drinks to the cast and crew.
3. Genny: Generator. A generator is a portable power source that is used to provide
electricity on location.
4. Honeywagon: Portable toilet trailer. On a film set, the honeywagon is a trailer that
contains portable toilets for the cast and crew to use.
5. K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, stupid. This acronym is often used as a reminder to keep
things as simple as possible and avoid unnecessary complications.
6. MOS: Mit Out Sound. MOS is a term used to describe a shot that is being filmed
without sound.
7. P.A.D.: Production assistant’s disease. Similar to A.D.D., P.A.D. is used to describe
the tendency of production assistants to constantly change their minds or give
conflicting instructions.
8. P.O.V.: Point of view. P.O.V. is a term used to describe the perspective from which
a shot is filmed, such as from the perspective of a character or an object.
9. Redhead: Redhead light stand. A redhead light stand is a type of light stand that
is often used in film and television production.
10. Set medic: On-set medical professional. The set medic is a medical professional
who is responsible for providing first aid and medical assistance on set.
11. Walkie-talkie: Handheld radio. Walkie-talkies are used on set to communicate
between crew members who are not in the same location.
12. Wrap: End of shooting. When a film crew has finished shooting for the day or the
production has completed, it is referred to as a “wrap.”

While these acronyms and slang terms may not be used on every film set, they are a
common part of the film industry’s culture and can add a bit of levity to an otherwise
intense and demanding job.

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