Five Reasons to Leave Twitter

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Five Reasons to Leave Twitter

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No one can deny that Twitter has been through some tough times lately. From being banned in China to former U.S. President Donald Trump using it to spread falsehoods.

Twitter took a turn when Elon Musk bought the social platform. In just his first week as Twitter’s new owner, Musk has already shaken the company to the core, and advertisers and users are questioning the future of Twitter. Here are five reasons why I am considering leaving Twitter:

1. Twitter Surprise Layoff of Hundreds

No one likes to see people lose their jobs, been there and done that. Twitter laid off hundreds of employees, with many of them being long-time Twitter employees and essential workers the company needed for oversite. Within a week Musk tried to hire back many of the same employees he gutted. Let’s look at that a little closer in the second reason I am considering leaving Twitter.

2. Verified Users

Twitter users know that the blue verified checkmark is a coveted status symbol that the person represented has been vetted carefully. Before his purchase of Twitter, Elon’s mantra was that Twitter had a huge percentage of fake accounts. So, after he bought the company, and fired staff, he decided to charge for the blue check verification seal users had come to trust. Within days users with the name Elon Musk started popping up with the official blue check mark. One of the creators of a fake Musk profile was United States comedian Kathy Griffin. After she publicly made it known as her easy ruse, she was banned from Twitter. Twitter then took down the “Elon Musk” profile and revoked the blue check mark of integrity from Griffin. Kathy Griffin has since moved to another social media platform Mastodon. I have also joined Mastodon.

Twitter was a free platform; users have always been able to use it without having to pay anything. That is all changing under Musk’s ownership.

Musk has said that he wants to start charging users for verified accounts. This would mean that Twitter would no longer be a free platform and that only those who can afford to pay would have access to the verified status. This would create a two-tier system on Twitter where the rich would have a better experience than the poor.

3. Musk Has Toyed Regarding Trump

One of the well-known facts was Twitter banned Donald Trump for his fake news and abuse of his freedom of speech. Twitter finally removed one of its biggest trolls.

But it looks like all of that is about to change now that Elon Musk owns Twitter. Musk has said that he is considering letting Trump back on Twitter.

4. Freedom to Bully

Twitter has been a platform for freedom of speech. But that does not mean that Twitter should be a platform for harassment.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening under Elon Musk’s ownership. Musk has said that he does not believe in banning people for their “opinions”, no matter what. Yet, he banned those that demonstrated his new system was seriously flawed.

This could be a dangerous stance to take, and it is already leading to increased harassment on Twitter.

5. Personal Playground for Musk

Twitter was a social platform for all sane users. But under Elon Musk’s ownership, it is starting to feel more like a personal playground for a wealthy businessman.

Musk has already made several Twitter changes that seem tailored to his personal preferences and not for the betterment of the net community at large.

Final Thoughts:

Freedom of speech’s future may be for those that can afford Twitter’s paywall. If you want to be a part of Twitter, be prepared to shell out some cash; and if you’re not okay with that, then it might be time to leave Twitter.

Twitter users are already starting to leave or considered leaving the platform because of Musk’s ownership. If you value Twitter for what it is supposed to be, you should consider doing the same.

Under new ownership, Twitter has become a playground for an elitist. If you want to be a part of Twitter, be prepared to pay for the privilege. Maybe it is time to move on.

2 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Leave Twitter”

  1. UPDATE 12/15/22: Elon Musk is banning journalist accounts such as CNN, Washington Post, and NY Times from Twitter. So much for an open forum.

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