Popular Film Set Acronyms

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Popular Film Set Acronyms

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A film set can be a busy and hectic place, and to help streamline communication and coordination, many film professionals use a variety of acronyms and abbreviations. Here are some common acronyms you might encounter on a film set:

  1. AD: Assistant director. The assistant director helps the director manage the logistics of the production and coordinates the work of the cast and crew.
  2. ADR: Automated dialogue replacement. ADR is the process of recording dialogue in a controlled studio environment to replace dialogue that was recorded on set but was not usable due to noise or other issues.
  3. A.D.: After director. This abbreviation is often used in a call sheet to indicate the order in which scenes will be shot. For example, “Scene 12 A.D.” means that Scene 12 will be shot after the director has finished shooting the previous scene.
  4. B-roll: Supplementary footage that is used to enhance the main story or provide context. B-roll is often shot in addition to the main action and can include establishing shots, cutaways, or other visual elements.
  5. CGI: Computer-generated imagery. CGI refers to any visual effects that are created using computer software.
  6. DP: Director of photography. The director of photography is responsible for the overall look and feel of the film, including the camera work, lighting, and color grading.
  7. FCP: Final cut pro. FCP is a professional video editing software that is often used to edit films and television shows.
  8. G&E: Grip and electric. The grip and electric departments are responsible for lighting and powering the set, as well as building and operating the camera dollies and cranes.
  9. LOC: Location. This abbreviation is often used to refer to the location where a scene is being shot.
  10. P.A.: Production assistant. Production assistants, also known as PAs, are entry-level crew members who help with various tasks on set, such as running errands, setting up and breaking down equipment, and assisting other crew members.
  11. PD: Production designer. The production designer is responsible for creating the visual world of the film, including the sets, costumes, and props.
  12. SAG-AFTRA: Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. SAG-AFTRA is a union that represents actors and other entertainment professionals in the United States.
  13. SFX: Special effects. Special effects refer to any visual or practical effects that are used to enhance a film or television show, such as visual effects, stunts, or makeup effects.
  14. VFX: Visual effects. Visual effects refer to any effects that are created using computer software, such as CGI, compositing, or animation.

These are just a few of the many acronyms you might encounter on a film set. Familiarizing yourself with these acronyms and others can help you navigate the busy and complex world of film production.

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