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Over the past five years, the number of podcast listeners has skyrocketed, with Americans leading the world in usage. Which are currently the most well-liked?


Instead of depending exclusively on downloads, market research firm Edison Research tracks the peaks and troughs of the most popular podcasts using listening data. Tom Webster, senior vice president of the market research firm, claims that true crime and news pods have consistently enjoyed success in recent years.


After the most recent quarterly chart was shown, he said to Newsweek: “What I find most interesting is the substantial movement by some of the independent shows on the chart.

“That both big networks and independent creators continue to be able to acquire a huge audience is a testament to how incredible this medium is,”


The 20 podcasts that Americans currently listen to the most are as follows:


  1. The Dan Bongino Show:

 Right-wing political commentator and author Dan Bongino discusses problems, “debunking both left and Republican establishment rhetoric,”according to the podcast’s description.


Former Secret Service agent Bongino, who guarded Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, eventually established himself as a regular on Sean Hannity’s Fox program before moving on to his own Saturday night primetime role on the network.


His Facebook updates frequently rank at the top of the site’s trending topics list, but earlier this year he invested in Parler, a conservative-friendly social media alternative that had previously gone down. Since the last report was published three months ago, his podcast has climbed one spot, entering the top 20.

2. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast:

A stand-up comic Marc Maron invites people from many areas of life to his house for enlightening chats, including comedians, actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, and more.


In September 2009, the weekly podcast and radio program debuted. Former President Barack Obama, Iggy Pop, and Lorne Michaels are just a few of the notable attendees. Since the previous ranking, Maron’s podcast has advanced six spots.


3. Morbid: A true crime podcast:

Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh “Ash”Kelley, who share a love for serial killers and other macabre topics, create a true crime anthology podcast.


The podcast’s authors claim that they discuss “everything that sends chills down your spine and gets your mind working overtime,”including serial killers, riddles, eerie history, paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, and more. “Together, we recognized our aggregate knowledge of serial killers and morbid fascinations was something we could share with other kindred weirdos and thus, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast was created,”the hosts write in a note on the podcast’s website. Since appearing at No. 23 in the previous ranking three months ago, the pod has advanced five positions.


4. Radiolab:

The mission of each Radiolab episode is to “ask difficult questions and utilize investigative journalism to uncover the answers”as it explores a variety of philosophical, political, and scientific subjects.


Jad Abumrad, a composer and producer, and Robert Krulwich, a former ABC News science reporter who departed the program last year, launched it in 2002. Lulu Miller and Latif Nasser, who are also hosts, are present with founder Abumrad.


5. Deadline NBC:

Episodes from the present and the past with gripping true-crime mysteries, captivating documentaries, and in-depth investigations.

6. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!:

An hour-long weekly news radio panel show where contestants and occasional one-off guest panellists are humorously questioned about the news of the week. Regular panellists include Adam Burke, Brian Babylon, Roy Blount Jr., and others.


Since the last chart was published, the pod, which is produced by WBEZ and National Public Radio (NPR) in Chicago, Illinois, dropped three positions, from 12 to 15.


7. Up First:

A daily news podcast that provides a brief synopsis of three of the day’s most important stories

The program features reporting and analysis from “NPR News — in 10 minutes,”which is anchored by Rachel Martin, Noel King, Steve Inskeep, and A Martinez.


8. Fresh Air:

Hosted by Terry Gross, this program is one of public radio’s most well-liked offerings. It is a weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues that has won a Peabody Award. Comedian David Sedaris, actor Mindy Kaling, author Stephen Colbert, and musician Jay Z have all appeared as notable guests.


9. Planet Money:

The purpose of Planet Money is to explain significant economic stories. It was established by Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson and debuted in the wake of the government’s acquisition of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the financial crisis of 2007–2008.


From the show’s creators: “Imagine being able to phone a friend and ask them to meet you at the bar to discuss the state of the economy. Imagine the evening turning out to be enjoyable “.


10. The Ben Shapiro Show:

The conservative political analyst Shapiro says that this podcast and live radio broadcast will be “the most fast-moving daily program in America.”


Earlier this year, when I spoke on “Shapiro made the following statement at Florida State University: “If weakness wins, it kills the country. If weakness falls short, perhaps we can recover.”


11. Call Her Daddy:

a podcast that Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper made that offers guidance and humour.

Provocative talks that support sexual freedom and individualism are fostered through Call Her Daddy. It was No. 11 on the previous list but is currently among the top 10 podcasts in the country.


12. Office Ladies:

Hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who played Pam Beesly and Angela Martin, respectively, on the sitcom The Office. The two analyze each episode of the program and provide unique behind-the-scenes information “that only two people who were there, can tell you.”


13. Serial:

Sarah Koenig, a journalist, public radio anchor, and the former producer of the radio and television program This American Life, hosts an investigative journalism podcast. Investigative journalism and non-fiction narrative are combined in Serial, which tells one real story throughout a season. On the three-month-old chart, Serial has moved up one spot.


14. Pod Save America:

Former Obama aides Tommy Vietor, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Jon Favreau produce a liberal political podcast discussing politics. It deconstructs the week’s news and aids listeners in understanding what matters and how they may contribute.


15. My Favourite Murder:

Comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff host a true crime comedy podcast.

Since its debut in early 2016, the program has consistently ranked in the top 10 on iTunes’ comedy podcast chart and has received press attention from publications such as Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic, Nylon, and Rolling Stone.


16. Stuff You Should Know:

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, who present the podcast, educate listeners on a variety of subjects, such as champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, and chaos theory.


The podcast has comic value since the show frequently references popular culture.

Short Stuff, which covers themes that don’t require a full episode, is a new series that the podcast began producing in October 2018.


17. This American Life:

Ira Glass is the host of the weekly, hour-long program and podcast This American Life (TAL).

The program compiles several stories on a selected theme each week. Although it has also included short fiction, memoirs, and essays, it is primarily a journalistic nonfiction program. “The creators claim that they mostly generate enjoyable journalism that is centred around a story. Alternatively, tales!”


Each week, more than 2 million listeners tune in to the program on more than 500 public radio stations in the United States.


18. Criminal Minded:

The weekly real crime podcast Crime Junkie is hosted by childhood friends Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. They grew up with each other and developed a bond as well as a love of true crime.

Each episode “takes roughly 30 hours each week to research, write, edit, and prepare for publication,”according to Flowers. Except a few instances where Prawat has taken the lead, she conducts all of the research.


Murder, missing people, and serial killers are among the topics covered by Crime Junkie. Flowers relates the tale, and Prawat offers her viewpoint.


19. The Daily:

The New York Times has launched a new podcast and radio program with political journalist Michael Barbaro as the host. Its episodes cover the main stories of the day and are based on interviews with New York Times journalists and daily reporting from The Times.


20. The Joe Rogan Experience:

Joe Rogan, a stand-up comedian and TV host, frequently sows discord with his direct and occasionally aggressive presenting style. On December 24, 2009, The Joe Rogan Experience went live, and by 2015, it had become one of the most well-known podcasts in the world, usually attracting millions of viewers per episode.

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