How to be Discovered as an Actor

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How to be Discovered as an Actor

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Congratulations, you’ve decided you want to be an actor. But…what now?

Deciding that acting is what you want to do is the first step on this exciting journey. But, that doesn’t mean that the path to being an actor is all sunshine and roses. There are countless things that you need to put into practice to get as far as possible in this competitive industry.

However, there are also some surefire ways to get your name out there as an actor and get discovered for your talent. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at how to be discovered as an actor, and what you can do to hone your skills. The hard work starts here.

What is Getting Discovered?

This term is thrown around a lot in the acting industry, and in many other public roles, too. Getting discovered can mean many different things to many different actors. For complete newbies, being discovered might mean getting cast in your first role, or being accepted to an acting school. For more seasoned actors, however, being discovered could refer to landing an agent, or a part in a major motion picture or television show.

In general, being discovered as an actor is having your work seen by people who can offer you more work. You should ask yourself what discovery means to you. Once you know what you’re working toward, you’ll benefit from a much clearer path to your goal.

What Do You Have and What Do You Need?

The next thing you’ll want to think about if you’ve decided on being an actor is your experience. Obviously, if you want to get discovered as an actor, you need to be able to act. This is just about the only vital requirement for being discovered as an actor, in fact.

Spend an afternoon collating your acting skills, as well as anything you could improve upon or add to your repertoire. Some great questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do you specialize in acting for the stage or the screen?
  • Which of the acting techniques do you use? Could you learn anything else about them?
  • What are your long and short-term goals for your acting career?
  • What genres do you prefer to act in?
  • How many roles have you held? Where and when?
  • Have you worked under any large companies?
  • Is there anything new you’d like to try when it comes to acting?

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses as an actor will greatly benefit you as you work toward being discovered. Not only will you know exactly what to consolidate for certain roles, but you’ll also have clear steps to upward progression for your career. You can put yourself out for roles that will suit your style and abilities, and slowly build up your reel and branding.

How to Get Your Name Out There

Theoretically, you could be discovered as an actor just about anywhere that people can find you and watch your work. So, the more people who see your work, the more chance there is of being offered new roles. This is why marketing yourself well is so important as an actor, so you can find the roles that will work best for your skill-set. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the ways that you can put yourself out there and shine amongst your peers in the acting industry.

Online Branding

The internet has made it so much easier for casting agents to find new talent. Two of the easiest ways to take advantage of digital marketing as an actors are your website and social media. By utilizing SEO or blogging in your specific acting niche, you can generate more traffic to your site. Social media also provides an easy way for people to get in contact with you, and they can share your posts and extend your reach.

Headshots and Acting Reel

Two of your most important marketing resources as an actor are your headshots and reel. Upload these to your website as well as any social media you maintain. This way you can easily direct any interested parties to your CV, and they can watch you in action. To get professional headshots and an acting real done, you might have to shell out some cash for the best results. However, it is more than possible to create these things yourself.


Make sure to save all your reviews and display them clearly on your site or social media. This way interested parties can gauge your reputation and standing within the industry, as well as learn a little bit more about your performances as a whole. Remember to make them easily accessible for anyone who might want to learn more about you.

New Roles

If you need to buff out your reel a little, you can search online forums and social media sites for casting calls. Putting yourself out there will also help you create new contacts within the industry, and you never know who you’ll be referred to or meet backstage. The more roles you take, the more attractive you’ll be to casting agents and directors.

Theatre Groups

If acting for the stage is your passion, join a theatre group with regular productions. This will help you get a little more used to the audition process if you’ve never been through it formally before. Plus, it’s a great way to get your name out there and give people the chance to watch you shine, live on stage.

You could be discovered anywhere at any time, so always be ready to network. Act per your branding and marketing across social media, and the internet at large.

Tips to Hone Your Acting Technique…

As stated above, if you want to be discovered as an actor then you need to be able to act. If you think you’d like to work on your skills a little before you start to put yourself out there and create your brand, there are many simple ways you can do this.

1. Acting Education

If you’re young enough to apply for formal acting colleges or universities, go for it! You’ll gain invaluable knowledge about the craft. However, many of us are not quite so lucky when it comes to these exclusive institutions. In this case, social groups and acting societies are your best bet to meet like-minded actors who will give you real feedback on your acting.

2. Reading Scripts

Even if you haven’t got a role in a production, reading the script can help your technique in a multitude of ways. Bring those words to life by utilizing a variety of emotions, and find out just how many different ways you can embody the lines.

3. Study Your Favorites

Ever heard the phrase good artists copy and great artists steal? Well, with the morality of that statement aside, it does apply to the acting technique. If your favorite actors or actresses have specific techniques they use, why not try them out? Remember, many actors’ techniques will be a product of their time, so modernize your findings if you need to.

4. Practice Auditions

The most important part of landing roles, and yet the most nerve-wracking. Practicing auditions is the best way to become familiar with the process, and make sure you’ll be relaxed enough to give your best performance when it really matters. If you can enlist your friends and loved ones to act as casting agents, all the better.

5. Embrace Opportunities

Even if you don’t get offered the role you were dreaming of, you should still jump at the chance to act in productions if you can. One of the most detrimental things you can be if you’re trying to hone your acting skills and be discovered as an actor is picky. You really never know what could come from even the smallest of roles.

6. Strive for Improvement

The best actors are constantly learning about their craft and employing new techniques they pick up. As an actor, you should never stop trying to get better at what you do. This way, the people who are out to discover you will be able to see just how dedicated you are to your career.

7. Never Give Up

Ok, we’re ending on a corny note here, but it’s true. The acting industry can be a highly competitive place, and you likely won’t make it big in your very first role. Take on board every piece of critique you get, dust yourself off, and try again. The process is a long and oftentimes stressful one, but it will be worth it in the end.

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